Curriculum Form(English)

    Notification and consent form on collecting personal information for recruitment

    In this recruitment and selection process, we will appropriately manage the personal information we receive as follows

    (1) The Company asks applicants to submit personal information (resumes, etc.) to the extent necessary for recruitment activities.

    (2) Personal information received from applicants will not be used for any other purpose than the recruitment activities. However, we may use the information we have received for investigation and analysis, but in this case, we will use it as data in a format that cannot identify an individual.

    (3) Submission of information is optional, but please note that if you do not submit some information required by the Company, it may be an unfavorable for recruitment evaluation due to the inability to recruit without information.

    (4) We do not submit personal information to third parties without your consent. However, when entrusting a part of the Company's recruitment work to a third party, personal information handled by the Company may be entrusted to the third party. In this case, the Company will select those that meet the sufficient level of protection of personal information, manage and supervise sufficiently, and strive to prevent leakage, re-consignment, etc. from the third party concerned.

    (5) When the Company is requested to submit personal information by a public institution, etc. for the public interest in accordance with the regulations of various laws and regulations, the Company may disclose or submit the minimum necessary information without the consent of the applicant.

    (6) The Company will appropriately handle and manage the collected personal information under the responsibility of the Company, and after the end of the Company's recruitment activities, we will manage (valid for 6 months) and dispose of it (after the expiration of the validity period) according to the company's regulations. Please note that we will not return the personal information you have received or any other documents you have submitted.

    (7) In principle, if the submitter himself/herself wishes to confirm, correct, delete, etc. the contents of the collected personal information, the contents will be disclosed from the department in charge below. In addition, to prevent the rewriting of personal information, etc. to other than the submitter himself/ herself in accordance with the procedure, we confirm that the requester is the applicant himself/ herself.

    Name(necessary) e.g.) Yamada Taro

    Katagana(necessary) e.g.) ヤマダ タロウ


    Birth date(necessary) e.g.)2000/1/23


    Nationality(necessary) e.g.) Japan

    Zip code(necessary) e.g.) 636-0246

    Adress(necessary) e.g.) Nara-ken Shiki-gun Tawaramoto-cho Chishiro 75-1

    Phone number(necessary)

    Mail adress(necessary)

    Emergency Contact Name(necessary)

    Emergency Contact Adress(necessary)

    Emergency Contact Phone Number(necessary)

    Uniform size(necessary)

    Shoes size(necessary)

    Use glass(necessary)



    Need apartment(necessary)

    Method of Transport(necessary)

    Alternate shift(necessary)

    Work start date(necessary)

    Job History (Example)
    Period 2015/2 ~ 2022/2
    Company Name  JHG corporation
    Job details Manufacture, assembly and processing of automobile parts
    Reason for leaving the company  Because the production was reduced

    Job History①

    Job History②

    Job History③

    Job History④

    Job History⑤

    Job History⑥

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